1. Intro to Processing: simple interactive graphics and animation

    Friday, April 11th 3pm - 5pm, Dr. Hsu will be leading a presentation on Processing in TH 329. Start programming graphics and animation with Processing (processing.org), an easy-to-learn, free, open-source programming environment. Processing is great for beginners who are learning to program, and powerful enough for professionals to use as a design tool.

  2. MapReduce and Hadoop

    Wednesday, April 9th 5-6pm we're having a Hadoop Workshop in TH 331. Arthur Vigil will be going over a general MapReduce approach used to process and distribute large data sets, as well as an introduction to using Apache Hadoop for data analytics.

    Please download the VM that will be ...

  3. Intro to Android II

    This Friday at 3pm we're having another Android Workshop in Thornton 329. This is the followup event to the Intro to Android workshop. Professor Puder will be presenting more advanced topics in Android Development.

  4. First Website Hackathon

    Our first website hackathon! Come out and socially code with us! For everyone, whether a beginner or an elite coder, we want to push around code and get input from you! You can find all our code on our Github.

  5. Flappy Bird Tutorial

    Here's the link to a great tutorial on how to make a Flappy Bird clone: http://www.kilobolt.com/introduction.html

    Anyone interested in attending the second Android workshop Friday 3/21 should take a look and try and get your own version running! The source code is included ...

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