Start programming graphics and animation with Processing (, an easy-to-learn, free, open-source programming environment. Processing is great for beginners who are learning to program, and powerful enough for professionals to use as a design tool.

Processing is based on Java. It is trivial to export your Processing work into a Java applet or application. People can view your work easily through a web browser, on multiple platforms, without having the Processing environment.

We'll go over the basics of programming and graphics, working with color, geometric shapes and images, and controlling animation and movement. We'll play with a lot of examples and learn to customize and extend them, so bring a computer (Linux, Mac OSX and Windows are all supported), preferably with Java loaded. If you haven't done much programming before, and/or need help setting up the Processing environment, it might be a good idea to come on time.

Example video clips:

When and Where: Friday, April 11th in TH 329, 3pm - 5pm.


Bill Hsu builds and works with interactive audiovisual systems in performance. He has performed and exhibited work recently at Zero One Garage (San Jose, CA), Yerba Buena Center for the Arts (San Francisco), Sonic Circuits Festival 2013 (Washington DC), San Francisco Electronic Music Festival 2013, ACM Creativity and Cognition 2013 (Sydney), and NIME 2013 (Daejeon/Seoul, Korea). He has given hands-on workshops on Processing in San Francisco, Singapore, and Vienna. He is on sabbatical from the Department of Computer Science at San Francisco State University, where he teaches interactive multimedia, computer music, and high-performance computing.


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